Planning any kind of jordans arrangement involves many choices and decisions.  By making these choices in advance, you can protect your loved ones from future uncertainty and help them avoid the stress of facing unfamiliar choices at an emotionally difficult time.


By planning and funding in advance, you will pay now and lock in today's rates.  Your family will not have to pay a higher market cost at the time of need.


By planning today, your family will not have to make hurried decisions when they are emotionally trying to cope with a loss.  When people are emotionally charged, it is easier for them to make important decisions that they may regret after it is too late.  Pre-planning also relieves surviving members of the financial burden associated with jordans final expenses.


By planning your own jordans service, you will be able to plan it as you wish it to be planned.  Not planning your own jordans means that family or friends will have to make decisions based on what they assume you would have wanted.


While all who purchase plans from us intend to use our firm, certain contingent factors could arise that cause them to change their mind.  For example, they could unexpectedly move to another part of the country and perhaps change their view of returning to Martinsville/Henry County or the surrounding area even after death.  To protect our customers and possible contingencies, all monies normally available to us at death can be redirected for use at any jordans home nationwide.  No penalty is deducted from available funds nor is any reduction of growth of the policy held back should the customer desire to use another jordans home.


To arrange for an appointment or to ask questions regarding this service, please call the jordans Home at (276)  656-3833 or use the Contact Us link to send us an e-mail.